Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Series Review: The New Normal and Go On

The New Normal

If you remember in my Fall TV preview, I was not all that excited about The New Normal. And I have to say, I ended up really enjoying the pilot and the second episode. Not saying that it is a brilliant show, but I found it amusing and am considering watching more of it. Let's get into it, shall we?

As a said before, the cast is brilliant. And really, they are brilliant. Andrew Randall is super adorable as the super gay guy. He runs a wee bit (read: a lot) into stereotype, but also, I know guys who are just as stereotypical as him, so it works for me. Justin Bartha plays the nerdy, "straight" gay really well. Mostly, he plays him just normal. Since the gays are, in fact, normal. Georgia King, who I have seen in exactly one movie and don't remember her at all in it, is really sweet, if slightly an idiot. Bebe Wood plays Georgia King's daughter and is really sort of brilliant. She is weird and quirky, but in a way that I think lots of kids are. Ellen Barkin's character is so unlikable, but Barkin is so likable that the character makes you cringe as you are laughing at the ridiculata that is coming out of her mouth. For my money, the best thing about the show is NeNe Leakes. More of her, please!

Overall, I think the second episode was stronger than the pilot, but both were funny. I found myself laughing often and was engaged the entire time. Andrew Randall could not be more adorable. I want to just put him in my pocket and carry him with me everywhere. And I want to be best friends with Justin Bartha's character. My biggest problem was that it got a bit preachy in parts. Some of the heart-to-heart stuff was pretty forced. But the dialogue was snappy and clever. I think if you like season one Glee, you will like The New Normal (same creator!). If you hate Glee because of the music, you should give The New Normal a try. If you hate Glee for its over-the-topness just in general and your hate has nothing to do with showtunes, you may want to skip The New Normal.

Go On

I went into this show not planning on liking it. I did not like it. Aren't I smart! So, I think Go On is a comedy, but I really couldn't tell that from the pilot. It wasn't funny so much as sad and slightly depressing. Are we supposed to be rooting for Matthew Perry? Because he didn't seem very likable. I mean, I get that his wife left him and he is lonely, but instead of dealing with it, he is just an ass. The only good things seemed to be John Cho was on my tv screen for a few seconds (not being particularly funny, but still hot) and Carrie, played by Allison Miller, being likable (fun fact: when looking up her name right now, I just learned that wasn't the pilot! The pilot aired back in August). I am most definitely not watching another episode of Go On. Mostly because I can't remember a lot about it besides "This is dumb. He is an ass. Why am I watching this?"

Did you watch either/both of these? What did you think? Do you think either show will make it? (I think if The New Normal tones it down by about 23%, they have a solid shot).

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