Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Series Review: Mob Doctor and Revolution

As I mentioned in my Fall TV Preview I had really no expectations going into either The Mob Doctor or Revolution. I thought Revolution looked cool but could not have told you anything about it. Nor could I have told you about The Mob Doctor. With no expectations, I went into both shows fairly blank.

The Mob Doctor

The Mob Doctor is about Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) a really great surgeon in Chicago who also does patch work for the mob to pay off her brother's debt to the head mob guy (I really paid attention to important things like names!). She also has some sort of relationship with the old head of the mob who knows her family (and maybe killed her dad...which was a good thing). Devlin is also dating another surgeon. And...drama!

I am not a huge fan of high drama. I am not a huge fan of medical shows. I enjoy things about the mob. So...this isn't necessarily the show for me. However, there were quite a few things I liked about it. I think Spiro is extremely likable and very no nonsense. She does what she thinks is right and puts her family above all else. Her boyfriend (played by Zach Gilford) is ridiculously adorable, but seemed to not really be well defined in the pilot. He was super angry at her for her not by-the-book handling of a patient and magically the next scene, he was fine with what she forced him to do. The best thing by far about The Mob Doctor was Zeljko Ivanek. You may not know his name, but you know his face if you have seen Bourne Legacy (the doctor who went crazy and killed the lab full of people), True Blood (the magistrate), 24 (Andre Drazen), Homicide (Ed Danvers), or any other number of things. He was fantastic and I kind of want to keep watching just for him!

I kind of want to watch another episode to try to get a better feel for where the show is going. It is almost a throw back to shows like Homicide and NYPD Blue, but with shades of House. If you are a fan of drama and medical things, you will probably really enjoy it. I'm hoping Fox gives it a chance to get settled in.


Quick sum up of Revolution? All the lights go out...electricity, batteries, cars, airplanes, etc. Cut to 15 years later, where people have adapted to living with no power. Militia rule has taken over, with the leader of the Chicago-area republic being Monroe (complete with all his men being branded with his symbol). The main characters are Charlie, her brother Danny (who is taken by the militia after the militia kill their dad), Maggie (who was dating their dad), Aaron (former Google employee), and  Uncle Miles, aka who Monroe wants because supposedly Miles may know how to turn the lights back on.

The summary is very confusing so I would recommend just watching the pilot. You won't be sorry. There is a sword fight! What show could possible be bad if it has a sword fight? The feel of the show to me was a bit Firefly mixed with Hunger Games. The scenery is amazing. When Charlie, Maggie, and Aaron go to Chicago to find Miles, they walk right past Chicago icons that are dilapidated and  overtaken by plants. But instead of being a post-apocalyptic grimy look, it looks like a celebration of how people have adapted. It is a world I want to live in for a while (though preferably without the militia ruling/killing all over the place).

The entire show was good. It was engaging and I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next. However, the best thing about Revolution is Billy Burke as Miles. He is the perfect hard-edged, crabby, drunk, bad-ass fighter. Who is probably going to have to save the world. Also fun? He has a connection to Monroe. Nothing is hotter than Billy Burke sword fighting.

Did you watch either/both? What did you think? Will the Mob Doctor make it or will Fox cancel it? Is Revolution going to end up being the best new show?

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