Monday, June 25, 2012

"True Blood" Recap: When Eric Met Bill

I have to admit that, amid all the plotlines on "True Blood" this season (and there are many), my favorite, favorite, favorite scenes are the ones with Bill and Eric. They crack me up.

What I liked especially this week, though, was a scene with Bill and Eric that wasn't part of their current Authority plot. Rather, it was in one of Pam's dreams, during which she keeps revealing the story of how Eric turned her into a vampire.

The year was 1905, and brothel-owner Pam has been having trouble with vampires draining her girls. In strolls the dashing Eric, who, despite having his pick of the "merchandise," wants Pam. She agrees, but only if Eric rids her brothel of the vampires menace. Eric bursts in on Bill and his maker, Lorena, draining yet another girl, and chides her for not controlling her progeny.

Of course, this leads into Pam's plotline with biting and abandoning her new baby vampire, Tara, but we'll get to that in a minute. Let's just revel in the fact that we got to see the moment that Eric and Bill met. For some reason, that just made me giggle. Look how far they've come!

So, Pam is still basically ignoring Tara, although she continues to dream about getting turned by Eric. After they have sex (offscreen), Pam asks Eric to turn her. Eric tells her he won't, because it's a lot of responsibility, being a maker - the bond is eternal. Eric gets ready to leave, and when he looks up at Pam, she's slit her wrists and tells him to turn her or watch her die. We know how this is going to turn out ...

Tara: Tara, meanwhile, is not doing well as a vampire. She ran away from Sookie and Lafayette at the end of the last episode. She nearly eats a girl who is changing her tire, but stops at the last minute and runs to Merlotte's instead. Sam gives her bottle after bottle of TruBlood and stashes her in the walk-in for the morning. He is, naturally, mad at Sookie and Lafayette for turning her. Personally, I'm ready for Pam to seek out her baby vampire and teach her how to kick some major ass. Oh, and at the end of the episode, Tara tries to kill herself in a tanning booth. Nooo! Tara!

Pam: When she's not dreaming about Eric, Pam is moping over Eric and running Fangtasia. Sookie shows up and begs her to help Tara, but she refuses, so Sookie zaps her with her fairy magic. Oh, and Pam can feel Tara killing herself! Save her!

The Pelts: Debbie Pelt's parents are looking for their daughter. First, they go to Andy, who interrogates Sookie and gets absolutely no information, then they go to Alcide. He confronts Sookie, and she tells him the story. I do like that Sookie doesn't really feel a lot of remorse, even though she probably should, because Debbie was absolutely batshit. Also, Lafayette is super freaked about them looking for Debbie, since he was an accomplice. Anyway, Alcide is mainly just pissed that Sookie didn't tell him what happened. C'mon, Sookie - find comfort in Alcide's big, manly arms!

Jason: Jason, Jason, Jason. What will we do with you? Still confused by his relationship with Jessica, he runs into Miss Steeler, a teacher with whom he had an inappropriate relationship. After she apologizes for their relationship and Jason hears about her life - divorced and living with a cat named Prince Charming - they have sex (again, offscreen). Then, he realizes that it was a mistake, their relationship really was inappropriate, his relationships are always toxic ... and he mopes some more.

Jessica: While trying on clothes, Jessica smells somebody epically tasty, who immediately runs. It's a male, presumably a fairy. Is this Claude, Sookie's cousin from the books? IMDB says it is!!!! (I LOVE Claude!) Anyway, she tries to find him, but he's gone (off to the fae world?) ... so she goes to Jason's house to use him as her own personal bucking bronco. But Jason isn't having it ... he's not happy with their fuck-buddy relationship. He tells Jessica he can't be friends with a woman because he doesn't know how, and she offers to put on a pair of his sweats, grab a beer and talk like friends.

Andy, Lafayette, Terry, etc.: Sheriff Andy didn't do much this week, but there was a pretty great little subplot about a picture of his naked ass showing up on Facebook, thanks to Holly's ornery boys. He also asked Holly to go steady, and she said, "Yes!" D'aww! Lafayette dumps bleach into some gumbo, then looks in the mirror and sees the brujo's face and dumps it out. Terry and his war buddy are going to go find their other war buddy, much to Arlene's chagrin. 

Bill and Eric and the Authority: I'm saving the best for last ... the Authority! Roman and the chancellors try to figure out what to do about Russell Edgington not being dead - specifically, how that's going to affect their public relations. So, they bring in their new Nan Flanagan ... none other than Steve Newlin!!!! He tells Roman, basically, it's all good - he can handle it.

Bill and Eric, meanwhile, are firmly in the grips of the Authority. They are fitted with iStakes, ingenious little harnesses that keep a stake right on their heart, which can poke into their hearts at a moment's notice. ("There's an app for that," the tech tells them.) It also tracks their every movement.

Another Authority member, Salome, tries to determine that Bill and Eric are trustworthy by having sex with them - first Bill, then Eric. Again, other than a few fully clothed thrusts, most of the fun was offscreen, which, WTF, "True Blood?" I demand more naked!

What was really fantastic was when they both realized they'd slept with the same woman. Bill's line was classic: "You know what they say about gentlemen ... they don't brag about sloppy seconds." They shared a little laugh and smirk about the whole thing, which I loved. I didn't think I was going to like the boys without Sookie around, but I really, really do.

Anyway, we also find out that Salome vouched for Nora, who admits to being a Sanguinista (vampire supremacist/fundamentalist), so naturally she's worried, and she and Roman talk about whether Bill and Eric are trustworthy as Roman and Salome get ready for some nookie. We FINALLY get Christopher Meloni's shirt off - score! - but again with the cutaway before sex. I expect a good scene next week, writers, preferably featuring Joe Manganiello, although Alexander Skarsgaard would be acceptable.

Verdict: I would watch a show with just Eric and Bill. They are the best part of the show! I'm really hoping that next week they get to go hunting for Russell Edgington. Pretty much the entire show, Bill and Eric have had an antagonistic relationship, but I love seeing them working together. Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgaard have great chemistry onscreen, and I love their scenes together!

After the very exciting first week, we've had a couple of slightly down weeks. It makes sense, because there's a lot to set up, but I'm ready for some payoffs to start - finding Russell, Pam and Tara bonding over being badass chicks, Alcide not wearing clothes, etc. There's also a lot of plotlines, and now we've apparently added another one with Claude showing up. Maybe he was just a way to get Jessica horny enough to go to Jason's, but if he is indeed going to be in this season, then we are possibly "biting off more than we can chew" (heh, bite). I'm hoping next week is going to amp up the action and the drama and the sex so we can get off and running with the season!

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