Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Things That Thrill Me About New Season of "True Blood"

The new season of "True Blood" starts Sunday, and I can hardly wait!

There are many, many, many things that thrill me about "True Blood" each season - I love the soap opera-esque storylines, the excellent dialogue (it is seriously quoteworthy!), the clever commentary, the pop culture nods, the cartoonish violence and, of course, the sexy sexy sex (my dad doesn't call it "vampire porn" for nothing).

But there are five things I am especially looking forward to when Season Five starts:
  • Russell Edgington. I love his brand of crazy, and I am SO glad that he is reappearing this season. And he will be in a murderous mood. That is a bad thing for our heroes (and antiheroes) but a very good thing for viewers.
  • Christopher Meloni's role. I've been sad all season of "Law & Order: SVU" since Meloni isn't on the show anymore, so I was thrilled when he was cast as Authority head Roman Zimojic. I can't wait to see how he fares as a vampire.
  • Pam! Eric's "child" is awesome, full stop. Last time we saw Pam, she was complaining about how a girl named Sookie (and her "precious fairy vagina") could steal Eric away. She is a wonderfully bitchy character, and she gets all the great lines, so I'm pumped to see what she does this season.
  • Steve Newlin. Steve, Fellowship-of-the-Sun-pastor-turned-vampire appeared at Jason's door at the end of last season, and previews show that he's going to be back this season. Steve seems to be enjoying his newfound fangs - the preview shows him attacking Jason. And, he's still wearing his preppy nerdwear! Perfecto.
  • Alcide Herveaux. I kind of 'ship Alcide and Sookie, so I'm hopeful for a relationship this season - there are a couple of quick clips in the previews that show some tension between them. But even if they don't, I still love Alcide - he's sweet and tough and extremely good-looking.
All I really know is, I'm pumped for "True Blood" to start. What are you looking forward to seeing this season?

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