Monday, June 18, 2012

"True Blood" Recap: Kind of A Drag

Episode two of "True Blood" was, of course, a little draggy.

It was to be expected, honestly, after such an explosive first hour of the season. Last week, we got to see what was up with everyone. This episode, we started settling in to the main plotlines of the season.

Still, we got some good moments last night, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, to see where some of these plots go.

Little Vampire Lost: Poor Tara. Her maker, Pam, leaves her to head back to Fangtasia (after, thoughtfully, commanding her not to eat Sookie and Lafayette), and Sookie and Lafayette are tasked with getting Tara down into Eric's cubby from last season. Lafayette nearly stakes his cousin while she sleeps, but Sookie convinces him to give her a chance. But they're not going to get any thanks from her yet - when she wakes again, she tells them she'll never forgive them and bolts.

When Eric Met Pammy: We also got some flashbacks tonight to how Eric and Pam met. Pam was a madam in a brothel in 1905, and a top-hatted Eric saves her from a Jack The Ripper-esque murderer (and licks the blood off his finger seductively. Oh Eric.). He doesn't turn her ... yet.

Packmasta A: The werewolves want Alcide to be the new packmaster, since he killed the old packmaster. But, Alcide's all, "No, I'm a lone wolf. Grrr." The werewolves aren't happy. Also on the werewolf side, Marcus' Mom (does she have a name?) wants to spend time with her granddaughter, Emma, because she's convinced that Emma is going to be a werewolf. Luna is not about to let that happen, and she kicks Sam to the curb when he suggests that maybe Luna should get to know the pack just in case Emma is a werewolf. And the end of the episode, low and behold, in the place of Emma is a wee little wolf puppy. (I squealed, I'll admit it. I'm such a girl.)

Whorin' It Up: Jason and Andy got some time together this episode, and they discovered a Very Important Plot Point - Debbie Pelt's van. Jason also tries to get Hoyt to be his friend again, to no avail, and between that and getting attacked by a kid whose parents are getting divorced because Jason had sex with his mom, he starts to realize what a manwhore he really is.

Crazy Terry: Again. Terry keeps seeing fire in his dreams and is being freaky and having PTSD. Arlene goes to talk to Patrick, Terry's buddy. Terry and Patrick decide to go visit their war buddy who might know who's burning down their houses. I was going to give this subplot the benefit of the doubt, but I'm afraid it's going to be dull after all. Poo.

Steve Still Hearts Jason: One of the two best subplots this episode ... STEVE NEWLIN. I am loving his story arc, and I was amused by him tonight. He showed up at Bill's mansion to join Jessica's party (Jessica was holding up the keg while one of her little college groupies drank out of it), and his little dorky dance alone was awesome. Then, he pulled Jessica aside and offered her $10,000 for Jason. She got the price up to $20,000 (I'll admit, I was saying, "Jessica! No! You bitch! You wouldn't!") ... then told Steve that Jason's not for sale. Another little tidbit ... Steve let it slip to Jessica that Bill isn't the king anymore! Is Steve in with the Authority? And who is the King?

A Rad Bromance: And then, we had the best parts of the episode ... Bill and Eric, who had been affectionately called Fuck-Up One and Fuck-Up Two by Nan Flanagan, according to Roman, the head of the Authority. (Side note: Yay! Christopher Meloni! I hope he takes his pants off next week!) So, Bill and Eric are tortured in various ways by the Authority minions, trying to get them to betray each other. Is it weird that I'm a little touched that they stayed true to each other? Then, they're dragged before Roman and the Authority Board (or whatever they're called), and, after a ritual (where we learn that the Vampire Bible sayeth that Lilith is the mother of vampires and that vampires are made in God's image, rather than humans) they play their trump card: Russell Edgington. Well, that gets the attention of the Authority. Heck. Yes. Fuck-Up One and Fuck-Up Two are going on a ROAD TRIP TO DESTROY RUSSELL EDGINGTON! YEEEEEEAH!

Like I said, this episode was a little slow, but we're setting up for some explosive plotlines ... most notably, Bill 'n' Eric go after Russell, Tara comes to terms with being a vampire (and hopefully goes all badass), and Alcide perhaps learns what happened to Debbie (which draws him closer to Sookie, and then his clothes fall off ... I hope!).

I can hardly wait until next week!

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