Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kel's Musings on True Blood

Jen has already given you her thoughts on True Blood, both what she is excited for this season and a recap of the first episode. I thought I would give a secondary opinion because True Blood is awesome enough for dual recaps.

What I Liked:
Vampire Tara! I guessed this was the way Tara would go for a while. I actually thought she would turn back in season 3 with Franklin. I think she will hate being a vampire for a few days (nights) because Tara hates vampires, but then I think she will embrace the power. I also think Tara vs. Pam could be epic.

Eric has a sister. A vampire sister. And she and Eric like to have hot hot sex. Apparently most people found that kind of creepy. But I put forth that it really isn't at all. Think about Eric/Pam. They definitely have had a sexual relationship in the past and Eric is Pam's maker which is like her vampire father. Vampire families have sexual relationships. Let's not worry too much about it, ok? Also...anything that involves Naked Eric is ok by me!

Speaking of...there was a lot of nudity, no? We got naked Jason, naked Andy, scantily clad Jessica, naked werewolf chick, naked Sam, naked Eric, naked Nora (Eric's sister), naked Sookie, naked Lafayette. Pretty much the only two who stayed fully clothed were Bill and Alcide. This all bodes well for the season.

I also really like the Authority stuff and the Werewolf pack stuff. In a show full of sex, violence, sex, intrigue, and sex, I am really interested in the politics. I think this season will show really interesting differences between how Vampires deal with authority and how Werewolves deal with authority.

Russell Edgington is back. 'Nuff said.

What I Didn't Like:
Man, I really love Terry and his marine buddy is really hot, but I just don't care about their and Arlene's storyline. I just cannot see how that storyline will play into the other main plots that I actually care about. I may revise my opinion by the end of the season, but at the moment, I just don't really care about that entire plot.

Andy Bellefleur. Oh man. I feel like he could be an interesting character. But they just don't seem to do anything with him. Also, Bon Temps could use one good, normal character to offset all the weird. Andy would be good for that, right? Let's make him just a really good Sheriff. It would give Jason someone to look up to and ground the entire world a bit more.

My biggest problem with the premiere was that I haven't watched any True Blood since last season ended last August, so I had kind of forgotten a few things. Like how Alcide killed Marcus. Or why Bill and Eric didn't tell Sookie that Russell wasn't dead. Or what the hell Sam's girlfriend's name is.

Overall, I am wicked excited for True Blood. Even when the plots go crazy and there is too much going on, it is still a super fun show. There are always amazing quotes and for how dramatic everything is, I still feel like True Blood is a comedy.

So, to end this, I am going to give you some of my favorite quotes from the episode. Be warned, it has bad language. Because it is True Blood.

"My dead heart beats for you" -- Steve Newlin to Jason Stackhouse
"We fight like siblings, but we fuck like champions" -- Eric about Nora
"Don't fucking growl at me" "I'll make whatever fucking noise I want" -- Lafayette and Alcide (this one I feel like is really only awesome in the delivery, but it really made me laugh)

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