Monday, November 21, 2011

Kel's Fun Facts: Marshall, Michigan

Today's fun facts are courtesy of me not being able to think of a good topic and searching places I've been for fun facts. Due to that, you can now learn about Marshall, Michigan.

Marshall is one of the nation's largest National Historic Landmark Districts with over 850 buildings listed as Landmarks.

Marshall is home to the second largest US Postal Service Museum (As a bonus fun fact, I've been to that US Postal Service Museum in Marshall!). The only collection of postal memorabilia is the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in DC.

Jamie Hyneman, host of Mythbusters was born in Marshall, Michigan.

In 1843, a runaway slave family was pursued to Marshall, where over 100 people from the town stood against the slave catchers, eventually leading to the slave catchers arrest, eventual fines to be paid by the townspeople, and the introduction of the Fugitive Slave Act.

One of the most famous buildings in Marshall is the Honolulu House, built in 1860 by Abner Pratt, former chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Pratt loved Hawaii and built himself a house in the Italianate style of architecture that was copied from a house he stayed at in Hawaii. The house has 15 foot ceilings, 10 foot doors, long hallways and a sweeping staircase. (Bonus fun fact, I've also been there!)

Marshall houses the American Museum of Magic (which I sadly have not been to), which includes an extensive collection of Harry Blackstone, Sr.'s (famous magician) devices. Even though the museum is in Marshall, Blackstone lived and was buried in Colon, Michigan, The Magic Capital of the World (which I have driven through).

Marshall has a small airport where they sell giant Tootsie Rolls (I have not had one).

I told you this installment was random and based on research about places I've been!

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