Monday, November 14, 2011

Fangirl Freakout: "Hunger Games" trailer

The Hunger Games full length trailer premiered this morning. (You can see it here.)

First of all, let's just get the fangirliness out of the way by saying, "OMG it all looks perfect!!!!!" Because it really looks pretty amazing! 

On Monday, Kel kept reading about how everyone was freaking out about it, and Jen emailed her and said, "Have you watched it yet!? Because seriously. Holy. Shit." And Kel was like "Oh, I should check that out, but whatever." And then she watched it. Seriously. Holy. Shit. Have you watched it yet? No? Do so right now! Yes? Watch it again!

Kel got into "The Hunger Games" after the third book came out. She had heard of it somewhat since the first book came out, but it didn't really hit her radar much. When the third book came out, it suddenly was everywhere. And everyone was saying "OMG! You have to read this," which usually makes her avoid whatever it is like the plague. But she had enough people whose taste she trusts tell her she would enjoy the series that she gave it a try. And she was instantly hooked. And more so as the series went on. Book one she found not as engaging for the first bit, before the games start, so it took her a week to read it. Book two took her about three days. And book three she, unwisely, read in one sitting.

Jen also read the books all in a row, very quickly, and really loved them. (She is glad, however, that she didn't read the emotionally wrenching third book in one sitting.) The Pop Tarts Mom recently read the trilogy and loved them, and even Jen's husband, who is really rather picky about books, is a huge fan.

In other words, it's a great series that a lot of people will like - not just people who like YA fiction. If you haven't read them, then what is your problem? Read them now!

Since the movie version of "The Hunger Games" was announced and the casting started, we, along with everyone else in the world, started analyzing every choice. Personally, we were both was pretty excited about all the choices, regardless of if they were who we thought would be good. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss was the most out of left-field choice for us, but after seeing a picture and reading an interview of her, Kel was sold. Jen was a little more skeptical, but now that there's a trailer, we can judge everybody better.

But, seriously, Jennifer Lawrence has the right mix of terrified and badass. Jen was truly convinced that she is Katniss when she volunteers for the games to save Prim. A definite goosebumps moment.

And then, there's Josh Hutchinson (Peeta), who looks perfectly adorable and pained. Liam Hemsworth (Gale) looks all broody and hot.

All the secondary characters are also bringing it. Did you see Elizabeth Banks as Effie? No one could be better! She is crazy! And even the choices that we had never thought of, like Woody Harrelson for Haymitch and Lenny Kravitz for Cinna, look brilliant. Oh, and Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickman? Brilliant! And even though President Snow doesn't figure much into the first book, Donald Sutherland is going to be excellent when they do the sequels.

Pretty much, we are both fan girling out about everything. Kel's reaction to Jen after watching it was, and we quote, "HOLY SHIT! I didn't realize how excited I was about it until I watched the trailer!" And really, that is very true. But now we cannot wait until March when it finally comes out. Kel is fully confident that it is not going to disappoint (like The Golden Compass did). Jen is slightly more skeptical - she's been burned several times by movies she's been excited about - but after watching the trailer a couple more times, she's feeling more and more confident that "The Hunger Games" is going to be epic!

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