Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kel's Fun Facts: Inventions gone wrong

William Bullock invented the rotary printing press in 1863. In 1867 Bullock was making adjustments to one of his presses that was for printing the Philadelphia Public Ledger. His leg got crushed when trying to kick a belt into place. He died during the operation to amputate his gangrenous leg.

Henry Smolinski started the AVE Mizar company that created a flying car. One a test flight, the right wing folded, killing Smolinski and one of his associates.

Franz Reichelt created an overcoat parachute that he tested by jumping off the Eiffel Tower. It didn't work.

Horace Lawson Hunley invented a combat submarine. After the submarine sunk twice without killing anyone, Hunley took over commanding the vessel. It sunk again and he, along with seven other members of the crew, died.

Li Si, Chancellor of the Qin dynasty in 208 BC, created the five pains method: cut off the nose, than a hand and a foot, than castration, and finally cut in half at the waist. When the king died, Li Si suppressed the choice of successor. He was eventually charged with treason by the new king and killed by the five pains method.

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