Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Idol Notes

Idol thoughts:

--I love Steven Tyler's pants!

--Lauren still needs to fire her stylist. She looks like a jank Wonder Woman.

--Scotty's upper range sounds nice.

--J-Lo's hair looks like it is trying to be like Jedward.

--Oh my god the earrings. Lauren's outfit is worse than I thought orginially.

--I don't like the way she sounds on the verses. It A bit pitchy and icky all the way through.

--She attacked it, like J-Lo said...but with a hammer and killed it. Not in a good way.

--Haley's dad is playing guitar with her? That is freakin' amazing!

--Oh no! She fell. But a great recovery. She is such a fucking rock star. Work it, girl!

--I love Scotty's guitar. It has some sort of fancy colorful thing on it.

--He needs his mic a wee bit higher. He is in an awkward stance.

--Ryan's banter with the judges is not nearly as fun as Ryan/Simon banter.

--I figured our what is wrong with Lauren's fashion. She dresses like a teenager. Because she's a teenager.

--Lauren was doing ok and then went a little bit hot mess at the end.

--The judges are stupid. "You got caught up in the moment" is a bullshit excuse for forgetting the lyrics and missing notes.

--Haley really is very Stevie Nicks. Fleetwood Mac isn't my favorite group, but I appreciate them.

--Haley's shoes are amazing. Love them. Want them.

--Wind Machine!

--Whole performance was a bit meh for me. But I don't care for that song.

--Everyone has one more song to sing, but I literally cannot watch anymore Idol. I'll watch the last performances tomorrow and update if there is anything noteworthy.

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