Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glee-cap: New Directions toward New York!

*sniff sniff* I was already thinking about how much I was going to miss watching "Glee," and this most excellently ridiculous season finale just made me super sad.

Tonight, New Directions finally made it to New York City to compete in Showchoir Nationals! And the episode started out in excellent fashion with Rachel standing in Times Square while "Rhapsody in Blue" played. I loves me a good Gershwin tune, and "Rhapsody in Blue" is one of my favorites ever ever ever. I also loved seeing Rachel standing in Times Square looking like a dork, because I frequently do that when I visit places I've dreamed about all my life. It's like Rachel's dreaming!

So, anyway, because Mr. Schue is, let's face it, a terrible teacher, the Little Glee Club Who Could showed up at nationals with no songs written. So what does Schue do (after getting Puck & Lauren out of the hotel bar)? He leaves the kids together in a hotel room with no supervision so they can write their songs. After hearing Brittany's new song, "What's Up to My Cup?," they decide to take a little field trip and sing a dorky song about how they all love New York. You know this show is a fantasy because real high school kids would be drinking and having sex, not singing. And they decided to wear clothing that looked like it was hacked up by a fashion rainbow. So many colors! I did love Rachel's little "That Girl" outfit. I would like one, please.

While his kids were having good clean fun in New York, Schue was singing too - on stage at the theater where April Rhodes' new show. And he was singing "Still Got Tonight" by Matthew Morrison. Oooh. Meta. It's nice to see Morrison get a feature, since most of this season has been about the kids and Morrison can actually sing really well.

While Schue is still out doing ... whatever ... Finn takes Rachel out on a date - a big romantic gesture to, presumably, try to have her put Jesse St. James behind her. They go to Sardi's for dinner, where Patti LuPone tells Rachel that she should "never give up." This was about the point in the episode where I started to suspect that the entire episode was taking place in Rachel's head. Anyway, then Puck, Sam, Artie & Mike Chang serenade the couple with Bella Notte from "Lady and the Tramp," and Puck plays accordion and Finn professes his undying love for Rachel. But things are bad because Rachel "can't." She disses him. Oh snap.

The next morning, Rachel and Kurt have breakfast at Tiffany's (love!) and they talk about Finn. Rachel wants to come back to New York, but is worried about losing Finn. Then they break into a theater and sing "For Good" from "Wicked" together and I almost lose my shit because they sang so well. This seriously was the best performance of the night, and one of the best of the season. At this point, I also became completely convinced that this episode was all in Rachel's head, or that the entire show is going on in the head of an autistic kid with a love of showtunes, a la "St. Elsewhere." Because this shit? Is ridiculous.

Then Quinn cries because nobody loves her. I am so over Quinn.

Then the evil choir director talks to Schue about him leaving for the bright lights of Broadway, so Schue caves and decides he's not going after all and wants to help his floundering glee club write songs for their competition.

At the competition, a random girls choir sings Usher's "Yeah," and Rachel has a heart-to-heart with Sunshine Corazon (played by the criminally underused Charice), who Rachel sent to a crackhouse at the beginning of the season. Sunshine tells Rachel off, Rachel admits that she did it because Sunshine was so good. Then Sunshine runs off and rocks at "As Long As You're There" with Vocal Adrenaline, who can really freakin' dance.

Then, Finn and Rachel have a conversation which Kel transposed for me as such:
"Finn is like, 'I love you, why are you ditching me?' And Rachel is like, 'I love you, but I love New York more. Sorry dude.'" Aaaaaand ... scene.

Finn & Rachel sing "Pretending" as a duet and kiss on stage in front of thousands of people, and then launch into "Light Up the World," a poppy song that featured other people, including Santana and Artie. It also showed a bit of, but did not prominently feature enough, Quinn's new haircut, which is shoulder-length and absolutely adorable.

After they perform, Jesse said the kiss was inappropriate and unprofessional which, let's face it, is a valid point. Vocal Adrenaline made the finals, as did the wonderfully named Waffletoots. New Directions did not, which probably had less to do with the kiss and more to do with the fact that they were woefully unprepared for a national showchoir competition.

And then it was time to wrap up the season. Over coffee, Kurt tells Blaine about their trip (with a cutaway scene of Santana having a Lima Heights Adjacent-worthy freakout in Spanish) and that the trip was "still amazing." They exchanged "I love you"s and I melted, and then Sam and Mercedes walked in together for a date because they have a budding romance and I melted some more. It's about time Mercedes gets some action in this show, and I'm glad it will be with ol' Trouty Mouth. Sigh. I may act tough but I'm actually a softie, and I love a good romance.

(On a side note, I would so see Kurt's musical, "Pip Pip Hooray" about Pippa Middleton.)

Brittany tells Santana that she loves everyone in glee club and loves Santana more than anyone else and they hug. I expect some more development of their relationship next season, Ryan Murphy!

Finn whines to Rachel for a while about them losing and how he cost them the championship, but they'll have another shot next year and then Rachel will go to New York and then they kiss. Whatever. I am bored with Rachel and Finn. More Sam/Mercedes, Kurt/Blaine and Brittany/Santana por favor.

Anyway, the glee club got 12th place and they're all so happy.

Things I loved: The showtunes, especially Rachel and Kurt's duet. The super colorful outfits. Kurt/Blaine. Sam/Mercedes. Quinn's new haircut. The idea of a musical about Pippa Middleton.

Things I didn't love: Not enough Puck and Lauren. Not enough Sunshine Corazon. Not enough Brittany/Santana. Everything about Quinn except her new haircut. Rachel/Finn. The fact that Glee is over until the fall!

What did you think of the "Glee" finale? Was it ridiculous enough for you?

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