Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Series Review: Elementary and 666 Park Avenue

It is that time of the year now that I hate...when I have to watch hour long dramas. Not that I am opposed to hour long dramas, per say, I just find that they take up way too much time. Especially if they are bad. But alas, for the good of the blog, I will soldier on!

666 Park Avenue

While I was watching, I enjoyed 666 Park Avenue, but it apparently didn't stick with me since I could not for the life of me remember that I had watched it. Not a great sign. However, I did enjoy it. Overall, it reminds me of a Stephen King novel. Creepy, not sure where it is exactly headed, don't want to get attached to any characters since it is a good possibility that everyone will end up dead. You know...that old thing! I am not sure how exactly the premise will be able to expand into a show with multiple seasons. Kind of like Heroes, how it was amazing for season 1 and then had no where else to go in season 2 because they had saved the cheerleader and saved the world.

The good with 666 Park Avenue is the cast. Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams are so fantastic it is just sickening. And while most people were probably like "Oooo it is that guy off of lost", I was like "Oooo it is Joe from Hawaii 5-0". O'Quinn plays the best baddie who seems fairly benign at first and the best good guy who seems like a baddie. And his role in 666 Park Avenue exactly utilizes that skill. The audience knows that he is bad, but you can totally believe that the main characters would miss that. I am planning on tuning in for at least one more episode (if I remember it exists), but I'm not sure it will get a DVR record from me.


The one thing that Elementary has working against it is Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock ever and Martin Freeman's Watson is also unmatched. As much as possible, I recommend pretending that Sherlock doesn't exist while watching Elementary. That being said, I found that the shows are different enough that I wasn't really drawing comparisons. Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes while Lucy Lui plays Dr. Joan Watson. Both are really great. (Random Fun Fact: Miller and Cumberbatch starred together in Frankenstein last year at the National Theatre, where they alternated who played Dr. Frankenstein and who played the monster).

Elementary is a pretty standard procedural crime show, where Sherlock with the help of Watson will solve a case a week. I look forward to trying to solve the crime before them as I try to do with any mystery I read or crime show I watch (because I am a nerd). I like the dynamic between Miller and Lui and I look forward to seeing where it goes, as the creators claim they will not be doing any romance between them. I think that as long as the stories are good, the show will do well. I think that Miller especially will be a great Sherlock as he definitely looks more like a villain to me (particularly he looks a lot like Moriarity from Sherlock). Elementary has received a series record on my DVR.

Did you watch 666 Park Avenue and/or Elementary? Did you remember watching Park Avenue? Did watching Elementary make you want to run to NetFlix and rewatch Sherlock?

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