Monday, April 30, 2012

Dancing with the Stars: Classical Night

I (Kel) am back to blogging, though I is still pissy that Gavin DeGraw is gone. And now there is no more Gladys Knight, which means no more Tristan. Not a great situation. However, it is Classical night, so that should be fun. However, Jen does not seem to be around. So I am the only blogger!

Mark & Katherine, Rhumba
Katherine is passionate about classical music, so this week should be in her comfort zone. According to Tom, their outfit is "Game of Thrones: The Musical". Ha! Anyway...the dance. Mark is shirtless! Their rhumba isn't very smooth. It is lovely and she looks gorgeous, but there doesn't seem to have any real flow to it. However, it was well acted. And really, can we discuss how lush Mark looks. And not in a "Oooo he is shirtless, look at his abs" sort of way. But in a really gorgeous dancer way. His back muscles are entrancing.
And apparently I am ignoring the judges. As I have no idea what they said. Bruno was dirty as always. No...I'm sticking with ignoring the judges. You only get my opinions tonight! Rock!
Score: 9s across the board

Maks & Melissa, Argentine Tango
Oh no! Maks has ankle problems and pain. Bad! Maks trained Val to do the dance, too, just in case he can't make it. Melissa is a lucky girl to have two Chmerkovskiys. Also, Val is nicer than Maks, so that probably makes rehearsal nicer. However, Maks is dancing tonight. At least for the tango. Their tricks are nice, though Melissa still looks vaguely awkward. Something about the way she holds her shoulders (which may have something to do with her breaking her back) seems off. Though she just never looks quite comfortable. However, that choreography was all star. Like, ridiculously amazing. Maks really worked that shit out. But I was distracted by her outfit which just did not work.
I think the judges are overly mean about the choreography. Melissa looks shocked and Maks looks epically pissed. I want to hear uncensored Maks comments because he is not a happy camper.

Cheryl & William, Viennese Waltz
Fun fact...when they showed them before saying their names, I could not think of what his name was. Generic Ken! Generic Ken whines too much. I mean, I feel back about his ankle, but could you not whine about having to dance classical? Blah. I'm sure there is a dance going on, but I cannot concentrate on anything besides how that voice is coming out of that kid. I mean, seriously. It doesn't make sense. And I love the stained glass floor. That is wicked! The dance didn't look comfortable. I could feel Williams's discomfort with the style. It seemed not smooth enough. Also, I mostly ignored it, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Can we score the singer? Because she was ridiculous.

Chelsie & Roshon, Argentine Tango
I feel bad for Roshon because he really does put his everything into his dancing. And it is like he just has too much energy and ends up being a bit sloppy. Roshon is talking to Val to learn how to be a man. What a great decision! Roshon, with his dimples, looks too adorable to be manly enough for Argentine Tango. I'm fairly sure Bad Romance is not a classical song. I gotta say...Roshon looks in control tonight. It looks kind of like he is playing the part and not really believing it, but you cannot fault his effort. I give the kid props, mostly because I like him.

Peta & Donald, Viennese Waltz
Their outfits are fantastic. They looks straight out of a movie. Peta's red number is amazingly striking. And Donald looks great in tails. Donald looks strong, though not particularly in it completely. The choreography was amazing, but I really wasn't feeling much of anything during that. I wanted to like it way more than I did. Perhaps I am just getting tired.

Derek & Maria, Paso Doble
I love that they are dancing to Montagues and Capulets from the Romeo & Juliet opera. Fantastic piece of music. This week they are the drama couple. DRAMA! Derek's choreography is fierce. It has a story and is very dynamic. And really fits the music. Everything about this piece is working for me. Definitely my favorite of the night. And Maria werqed that Paso all over the place.
First perfect score of the season. And grading on the scale of judging, well deserved.

Kym & Jaleel, Viennese Waltz
Once again, Jaleel really acted out the dance and understood the story. And Kym's choreography was gorgeous. I think Jaleel could have been a lot smoother, though. And not in a smooth swag sort of way, but in a not quite so bouncy way in his basic. It was nice, it was good, but I did not really feel anything from it. It seems a little flat and I'm not sure it was danced with any sort of particularly good technique. A bit meh.

And now there are two group dances. I'm sorry, but are we going to drag the last two dances out for half an hour? I am just not ok with that. Oh wait, Jackie Evanko (little girl who is ridiculously talented) is back. Still...seems like way too much time and not enough dance. However, I got a dance of Karina and Tristan so I am less pissy about it.

Team Tango: Katherine, Mark, Jaleel, Kym, Derek, Maria, Chelsie, Roshon
I like their concept a whole lot. And the outfits are fierce! The music and lights are all working for me. In the solos, Derek and Maria botched the end of their part. Jaleel and Kym were pretty great. I feel like Katherine and Mark could have used a bit more polish. I think I liked Chelsie and Roshon the best in their part. Chelsie's choreography was really interesting. I'm not sure how much group work they were supposed to have, but I thought it could have used some more interplay between the couples. It really seemed like four separate dances for the most part instead of one group. That being said, I really enjoyed the overall dance.

Team Paso: William, Cheryl, Maks, Melissa, Donald, Peta
Love the music and the flame floor and the flames! Fire! Besides a few spots that were not quite together, that was brilliant. They really seemed like a group. The choreography was fantastic. None of the solo sections was weaker than the other. Everyone had passion and strength. I even like William! I thought Donald looked especially fierce in his part. Definiely nailed the whole performance and beat the other team. And not just because they were team shirtless. The shirtlessness worked and added to the dance. And the suspenders were a delicious touch. Team Tango was fun, but Team Paso was lush. And I would like to point out that the crowd is right that Team Paso should have had higher scores than Team Tango. The fact that Team Tango got a higher school is bullshit, which can be seen on Maks's face. Maks is not having a happy ballroom day.

I have no idea who will be in danger. I would be good with William leaving (he is still boring). I think Roshon may be in trouble again just because he doesn't have the fan base. I would probably stick Jaleel in the bottom as he did nothing to really impress tonight. I'm also worried for Melissa, though I think Maks's fan base may be big enough to take them through. Other fun facts: Gavin is going to be back tomorrow to sing (Yay! I hope he sings his new single Sweeter because it is hot and slightly dirty) and while I can spell Chmerkovskiy without looking, I apparently cannot spell Viennese without spell check.

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