Monday, March 5, 2012

The Trashlor: The Losers Bitch Back

I will be ignoring anything that does not involve drama and tears. Or I was going to. They first have a "where are they now" feature thing. And Sunshine, aka Ryan from Ashley's season, is on! I love Sunshine!

There are lots of women there, but I'm not naming them all because I don't remember most of them.

First drama: Fakeley! No one liked her the first night because she was mean to Rachel. And her goal was to meet Ben and "not to make friends". Some blond girl is going crazy on Blakeley. Though some brunette girl makes the point that Blakeley is not the only person who was rude to people...all the bitches were. Blakeley does not regret anything she did, but wishes her guard wasn't up.

Girl who left: She had not connection to Ben. But crazy blond girl is now bringing it back to Blakeley. And now girl who left called crazy blond girl a chihuahua who won't shut up. Which really cracks Chris Harrison up. Yay!

That girl from a previous season who showed up randomly: Strangely enough, it seems that she finds it uncomfortable to watch herself get rejected and criticized. Again, she wasn't going on to "make best friends" (drink). Overly tanned brunette girl apologized to being rude to That girl from a previous season.

Emily: Honey, you are really cute, but your dress is not flattering. I am also distracted by your boobs. Wear a bra!

**I interrupt this blog to make a public service announcement: Dear women, wear bras. All the time. I don't care if you have fake tits or small boobs or whatever. Your boobs look awkward and slightly slutty. Embrace a bra. Especially on tv. You may now resume your normal blog viewing**

Emily seems to have her shit together. She points out that she wouldn't have wanted to end up with Ben if he likes Courtney. And she really seems like she used this experience to grow as a person. She also doesn't seem like she put her worth on if a boy likes her. Which is the way to go about it. You go girl. Now put on a damn bra!

Nicki: Even when she is on my screen, I still don't know who she is. At least she acknowledges that she didn't do anything wrong. Because someone not liking you does not equal you did something wrong.

Kacie B.: I think Kasey's reaction to being kicked off really shows her age, immaturity, and lack of self-confidence. Honey, I know we've been over this before, but you really must not judge your worth on what anyone thinks of you. None of this "what did I do wrong" "why an I not good enough" bullshit. You can be upset and heartbroken. But questioning your own worth is not ok. You are a strong, pretty, sweet woman. Do we need another public service announcement?

**Dear everyone, don't judge your own worth based on what someone else thinks of you.**

I think the Bachelor really brings up some confusion in me because I can never understand the need to have a boyfriend. I have never felt like I needed a significant other in order to be happy or satisfied or feel good about myself. I'm not opposed to a relationship, but actively pursuing a relationship to the point of going on tv, or even to any sort of online dating, is so foreign to me. Perhaps this is why I don't like the Bachelor as much as I want to. Because I cannot relate to that "I am not a whole person without a boyfriend" or "I must have a boyfriend" or whatever it is. It just seems weird to me. Can someone explain to me why they want a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Courtney: "She's a liar, vapid, manipulative", she was in it to win it. She really did act differently around Ben and the women. Blond Casey apparently was friends with Courtney and thinks that she is nice and sweet. Emily pointed out that on a group date, Courtney was really nice to her, but then threw her apology back in her face. The women seem to think that Courtney's turn around in the final 4 was fake. And would accept an apology that was genuine.

And now we get to hear Courtney's side of the story! This has been teased to high heaven, so it best be full of drama! Apparently Courtney has regrets about how she treated the women and what she did. Courtney apologized to Ben at some point, but the women wanted her to apologize to them. Courtney really seems to be playing the victim instead of truly owning up to all the things she said and did.

Here is the thing. I don't think Courtney is a bad person. In real life, I would probably get along with her. I think what it comes down to is that she is very insecure about herself, which turns her into a bully. I'm sure it is a stressful situation and if you are insecure, you might turn to being mean to compensate. My problem at the moment is that instead of saying "you know, I shouldn't have handled it that way. I'm sorry. I was feeling very insecure and I don't handle that well", it would go over better. Instead of playing the victim card. You are not a victim of the other girls not liking you. Grow from this and learn to be more secure in yourself.

This is like a final tribal council. Courtney is not going to win the million!

I feel bad for Courtney that she is this emotional about it. It cannot be easy to go up against all those women. But I think it is very telling that when Blakeley was trying to talk calmly and seriously with her, she kept looking away. If you really feel bad and sincerely are apologizing, you should be willing to face it. I'm torn. But I also don't really care that much.

Ben: "Welcome to my nightmare". Most of these questions are about why each girl went home. Which is boring. Awkward Jamie is still Awkward. Ben looks super uncomfortable.

I really enjoyed "The Lighter Moments" montage. It is like fun bloopers! I want more of that!

And that is really all the drama there is. My prediction for the ending...I think Ben is going to pick Courtney, but it isn't going to work out. And then he is going to be on Bachelor Pad. And he is going to make out with everyone.

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