Monday, July 30, 2012

"True Blood" Recap: Shit Gets More Real

Has it really been an entire week since I blogged? I suck. This week needs to be better! (Of course, KEL could blog too. She acts like she's been busy or something ...)

ANYWHO ... Sunday night's "True Blood" was the best of the season, hands down. We're finally really getting into the meat of the season. It's been quite a build-up, but it's starting to really, really pay off in big ways. I said, "Holy shit!" and "Oh my gosh!" out loud many times this episode, and not just because we got to see Joe Manganiello's ass in all its glory.

Jason runs over to talk Sookie out of wasting her fairy power, and soon they find themselves back at the fae strip club talking to Claude and the Claudettes. They tell her that they can use magical physics to channel what happened on the bridge to find out who killed Sookie's parents. But when we do, soon Sookie starts channeling the vampire, Warlow. At the end of the episode, the Big Bad Warlow appears to Sookie and tells her, "I'm coming for you. You are mine!" Ummm, eek.

Terry and Patrick also have a Big Bad coming for them, and Arlene convinces Lafayette (who drives back to Bon Temps with Ghost Jesus, in a heart-melting moment) to do a fake seance to convince Terry and Patrick that the smoke monster isn't after them. However, it backfires when the pissed-off Iraqi woman actually shows up to the party and tells Lafayette that Terry must kill Patrick, or vice versa.

Meanwhile, Alcide is gearing up for his packmaster challenge by having sex with What's-Her-Name, which, while great (because Joe Manganiello was naked, natch), is also disappointing because it should be Sookie! Eric. OMG. What are you doing to me?

Anyway, after the sexytimes, Alcide shows up, but forfeits when J.D. says that they're going to compete by tracking and killing a human. Alcide tries to intervene, which gives the college track star J.D. chose a chance to run away, but Alcide gets his ass thoroughly handed to him and probably would be dead if Martha hadn't stepped in and convinced J.D. that killing Alcide would tarnish the pack's reputation.

In more shifter news, the most shocking AND most hilarious thing of the episode, I think, was Luna shifting into Sam. Sam Trammell deserves a cabinet full of Emmys for the way he played Luna-as-Sam. Anyway, Luna shifts because she's epically pissed, and she can't shift back, and she knows she'll die if she stays in his skin too long. At least, that's as much as I can remember from the stupid skinwalker storyline from last season. Anyway, Sam comforting someone who looks exactly like himself was weirdly awesome. Sam confesses his love for Luna, and she turns back into herself, then promptly ralphs.

Sam wasn't just a comforter for Luna this episode, though. He interrogates the hillbilly he caught at the hospital until he tells him and Andy where they're hiding out ... with Jessica in silver! Yes, Hoyt's new buddies took the liberty of capturing Jessica (who played right into their hands - bad Jessica!) and told Hoyt to kill her. He didn't, of course, and instead he and Jessica dispatched of the remaining hicks and Hoyt escaped. (Jessica couldn't, because it was daylight.) Hoyt doesn't make it far, though, before someone (we don't know who!) sticks a gun in his face.

In other vampire news, Tara meets up with a racist, stupid bitch from high school and gets into it with the woman, earning her a scolding from Pam. At least, that's what she thinks ... until Pam takes her downstairs into their dungeon and glamors the girl into being Tara's own personal Mean Girl Meal. "You don’t know me that well. My mad face and my happy face are the same," Pam tells her before Tara starts to feed. I am worried about the pair of them - as much as I love their relationship, I think Eric is going to be pissed when he gets back ...

... Because Eric is now the mainstreaming champion of the Authority, apparently. Eric feels bad for their night of Lillith-blood-induced debauchery, and so does Bill, apparently ... until he decides to drink from a young woman Salome offers him.

Eric, meanwhile, tries to convince Nora that Godric didn't want them to eat humans, but Nora is unmoved, calling Godric a blasphemer. Eric looks genuinely hurt by the whole exchange, but it's nothing compared to the hurt on his face when his bromance partner Bill comes up with a great idea to hurt the mainstreamers and get vampires in charge - bomb the TruBlood factories. What a turnaround, huh? Eric used to be the shady one, with Bill on the straight-and-narrow, but Eric is feeling quite warm-and-fuzzy toward humans now. Crazy.

A few closing thoughts:
  • Russell and Steve Newlin are an amazing pair. Seriously, their chatter was one of the highlights of the show.
  • Sam Trammell is a gem! I almost want Luna to shift back into Sam just to see the way he walked.
  • Is Bill actually going evil or just being opportunistic? And does it matter? If he comes to his senses, will he be able to live with himself?
  • Does Alexander Skarsgaard have the best hurt puppy-dog face ever? (Answer: Yes.)
All I know is, I can hardly wait for next week!

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