Monday, July 16, 2012

True Blood Recap: Dammit, Eric!

First of all, sorry! I've been dealing with some personal things, which are now back under control, and extra hours at work, so blogging was the furthest thing from my mind. But now I'm back!

Before we get into this week's fun, a quicky recap of last week: Sookie and Alcide were going to get busy, but then Sookie puked on Alcide's shoes. (Dammit, Sookie! He was taking his pants off and everything.) Bill and Eric ask for their help finding Russell, they go to a scary house with Alcide's employee and find Russell and a werewolf attacks Alcide from behind. Terry's war buddy gets killed by a fire demon they unleashed when they slaughtered people in Iraq. Jason obsesses over the news that his parents were killed by vampires. Lafayette and his mother sees Jesus' head, with the mouth stitched up. Jessica and Tara bond over being vampires, then fight when Jessica discovers Tara sucking Hoyt's blood. Sam goes to warn Luna about their shifter friends getting shot and both of them get shot by guys in masks.

OK, so this week ... I am really pissed off at Eric. One of the big things I really want to happen this season is for Sookie and Alcide to get together. Contrary to what you're probably thinking, it's not just because I would like to see Joe Manganiello naked (although I would not complain). It's also because Alcide needs to blow off some steam by having sex, and Sookie needs to have sex with a non-vampire. However, that's not going to happen, at least not right now, because Eric screwed things all up on that front.

OK, so Sookie, Alcide, Bill and Eric are at the house where Russell was recovering by feeding on humans, with the help of werewolves. As they're fighting, the Authority shows up to recover Russell and bring Bill and Eric back to headquarters ... but first, Bill and Eric have to glamour Sookie and Alcide. Bill doesn't really glamour Sookie (or she can't be glamoured because she's part fairy, or something), but Eric does glamour Alcide (but not before he heals one of his wounds in a surprisingly sexy way ... if I weren't so pissed at Eric I might 'ship the two of them!), telling him to forget where they are and everything that happened. He also tells him to protect Sookie with his life (THAT BETTER NOT BE FORESHADOWING!) and lose interest in Sookie to the point that she kind of repulses him. WHAT THE HELL, ERIC!? What an asshole move. Grr.

Sookie and Alcide go home, leading to a scene where Alcide wakes up covered under a ruffly pink comforter (hee!). Sookie helps him get back some of his memories of the night before, but he recoils at her touch. (Sookie immediately knows it's Eric's doing.)

BTW, The Authority rounds up and kills the humans that Russell was going to eat, which goes to prove what we already knew - the Authority is bad news.

Jason tells Sookie about their parents and about the fairy nightclub and Hadley being there, and they go together. Sookie questions Hadley and their newfound fairy cousin, Claude (YAY! CLAUDE!), and find out that their parents were killed by a vampire enticed by a bandaid with Sookie's blood on it in their car. Sookie tries to use her fairy magic and gets fairy magicized herself. TO BE CONTINUED! Gotta say, I love the fairy stuff, and not just because I love how they dance in their crazy fairy nightclub. I suspect most of the stuff going on this season is going to connect to this fairy story arch.

Tara and Jessica fight, and Pam breaks it up but tells Tara she's proud of her. Of course, she tempers her enthusiasm by telling Tara she's proud like a human is proud of a well-trained dog, but still. Jessica implores Hoyt not to continue his fangbanging ways, but he continues until a vampire who is sucking his neck in an alley gets shot by the same guys in masks that shot Sam and Luna.

Sam and Luna are in the hospital, worrying about Emma until Marcus' mother brings Emma to visit Luna. Emma, as a puppy, ran to granny's house when Sam and Luna got shot. Just gotta say, she's an ADORABLE werewolf puppy. Luna agrees to let Marcus' mom be part of Emma's life. Sam convinces Andy to let him help find the people who are killing supes, and when they go to the local anti-vampire store, Sam saves Andy when the desk clerk is about to kill Andy. Ahh, friendship and vigilante justice.

Terry breaks up with Arlene because of the fire monster.

Alcide challenges J.D. as packmaster, since J.D. was helping Russell and drinking vampire blood in return. His second is a sassy, hot woman. They are going to fight, eventually, and I wonder if Alcide and the sassy, hot woman are going to have sex eventually too. Hmm.

Lafayette visits his mother, because they both saw Jesus' head. Lafayette's mom is a great little side character. You can see why Lafayette acts the way he acts. Anyway, he's going to go confront Jesus' brujo grandfather.

Bill and Eric go back to the Authority headquarters, where they are hailed as heroes for capturing Russell, who is still, by the way, absolutely batshit crazy. Bill is really working the religious angle - to save his ass, he tells Eric. Eric is a bit more smartassy, but they still both get their iStakes taken off. They talk to Roman, who they are quickly discovering is just as crazy as Russell and the Sanguinistas, and just as fervent in his beliefs, and find out that Roman is planning to stake Russell rather than allow Salome to keep torturing him for information. Eric visits Nora, who is also quite fervent in her beliefs.

So, they're going to stake Russell, and I'm thinking, "No!" because we haven't gotten ANY super fun Russell craziness. I figured that Salome or Nora or somebody would sweep in and rescue him, but instead, Russell springs into action and stakes Roman! First thought: "OMG! AWESOME!" Second thought: "NO! Christopher Meloni!"


I'm looking forward to the next episode, personally, because it looks like Russell is going to FINALLY be back to his old tricks. And who doesn't love Russell when he's at his strongest and most insane?

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