Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Remakes/Reboots/Rehashes Galore: Ghostbusters, Fantastic Four, and Indiana Jones Reboot

Several big remake-type things going on in the pop culture world today. As much as I love truly creative, new projects, we're in a total '80s nostalgia cycle right now.

So rather than complain, let's just break it down, y'all.

Ghostbusters: The cast for the remake of Ghostbusters is here, and it is glorious.

Here's the picture from Paul Feig's tweet:

The more well-known are Kirsten Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, both of whom have made me laugh in so many movies, especially "Bridesmaids." The bottom two are Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, both known from "Saturday Night Live," if you watch SNL (which I don't currently). 

The most exciting thing about this, of course, is that they are doing a new "Ghostbusters!" And it's starring four really funny women! Other exciting things include the fact that the cast includes two plus-sized women, one of whom is a woman of color, and a lesbian! Jokes! Diversity! Representation! This movie has it!

If this movie isn't wonderful, I am going to cry.

Fantastic Four: There's a new trailer for the rebooted "Fantastic Four."

So, yeah, I'm not totally convinced by this trailer. I tend to like my superhero movies a bit less ponderous and self-important, and I think this movie could end up trying to be a Very Important Film instead of a solid sci-fi-tinged superhero movie. I get that they're trying to get away from the super campy version from last time, which is probably good (even though I have great memories of seeing those movies with Kel and enjoying Chris Evans immensely), but this may be too far on the "Dark Knight" and, dare I say it, "Man of Steel" side of things. (If this movie is like "Man of Steel," I will be uber-ticked. Because "Man of Steel" sucked.)

I will say this: Love the cast. Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell in a movie together? Yes, please!

Indiana Jones: Disney is talking about an Indiana Jones reboot. Does it really need to be rebooted? No, probably not. But it will make money, and Disney is currently in the money-printing business, so this very well may happen whether you like it or not. (PSA: Rather than just complaining on the Internet and then going to the movie and pouting through it, if you strenuously object to this remake, vote with your wallet and don't go see the movie.)

The current scuttlebutt is that Disney is eyeing Chris Pratt for the titular role.

Which, of course they are. Disney took him from lovable schlub TV actor to hot, hilarious, adorable movie star. He's just everyman enough to be approachable, but he's also charismatic, funny, and easy on the eyes.

I can't be mad. I really like Chris Pratt and I'm pumped to see him getting leading man roles. The only concern is whether we're all going to hit Chris Pratt Overload at some point. (I can't imagine it happening, but, I mean, it could.)

I'm a little worried, though, about whether the pulpy fun of "Indiana Jones" can be harnessed like it was in the 1980s. I mean, they tried and failed miserably with the Indiana Jones Movie That Shall Not Be Named, but this movie has two things going for it: Disney (who is rocking the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, hopefully, "Star Wars" too) and No Shia LaBeaouf. I'm willing to give it a shot.

What do you think of today's Remake/Reboot/Rehash news?

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