Friday, November 16, 2012

Squee-Worthy Stuff I Saw Today: "Doctor Who," "The Walking Dead" and more

So, we haven't been blogging much, so I'm going to try a new tactic ... a daily link roundup of cool crap I've seen on the internet, with short commentary. Let's see how this works out!

The BBC and Children in Need have released a minisode prequel to the "Doctor Who" Christmas Special, and it's introduced by Matt Smith and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman:

And, holy shit, there's also a trailer:

And BBC America has a gallery of images, which you can see here. Is it Christmas yet, and is it bad that I'm looking forward to the Christmas Special more than, say, Christmas presents?

"Last Resort" and "666 Park Avenue" may have been canceled (no big surprise there), but one of my favorite shows, "The Big Bang Theory" had all-time high ratings Thursday night, with 17.4 million viewers tuning in! I was one of them - even though my DVR situation is getting desperate, BBT always gets watched immediately. I did love last night's episode - I was touched by Leonard & Penny's exchange at the end, and I cracked up at Sheldon messing with Howard and Raj - but I was sad that Amy Farrah-Fowler was nowhere to be seen, because she cracks me up.

And finally ... Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl MFin' Dixon on "The Walking Dead," has a bitchin' "Walking Dead" Hello Kitty iPhone case. My favorite thing is the zombie ear necklace. OK, so it's a bit old (the link is from March), but I just saw it today and it made me giggle wildly. (To tell the truth, Daryl makes me giggle wildly almost every week. Love. Him.)

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the Christmas Special of "Doctor Who?" Is "Big Bang Theory" on your must-watch list? And how much do you love Daryl?

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